Some of our regular activities include:

Secretarial / Personal Administrative Assistance:

  • Answer incoming office calls to screen calls
    personally when you are unavailable or need
    a few interruption free hours
  • Organise your diary and your calendar,
    reminders (even personal dates)
  • Transcribe dictation or notes received into
    reports, correspondence and other items
  • Research & sourcing
  • Manage your emails and post should you
    need to be absent
  • Photocopying & scanning
  • Database management
  • Manage facebook presence
  • is there something else you might like to delegate?



  • General bookkeeping & cost monitoring
  • Maintain daily/weekly/monthly entries


Delivery and Collection point service:

  • Have deliveries made or collections made from a
    monitored site for your collection/drop off
    outside regular courier hours



  • 20ft shipping containers with shelving for temporary
    or longer term hire on our site.
  • Locked filing cabinet space in our offices.



  • With our other customers and associates when mutually acceptable.

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